Thursday, 14 May 2015


We will go to Kamakura on Saturday, May 16.  I heard that there would be fourty-five CAs (Campus Assistans) to assist you to go around the Kamakura area. You will go with a small group, it means that you can choose places to visit.

I hope that you had sometime to research about Kamakura (maybe not), but for people (maybe many of you!) who have no idea where you will go and what you will do on Saturday, I would like to give you some links for the last minutes information before Saturday -  tomorrow.

Most of Japanese know "Kamakura" as a capital of "Kamakura period" (1185-1333).  Before the Kamakura period, the centre of the Japanese politics was mainly "Western " part of Japan (Kyoto).  The "Heian period" (794-1185) - just before the Kamakura period -  was ruled by Emperor but after Kamakura, the military government ruled the Japanese politics.

At the beginning, please click the following links provided by the Kamakura city tourist association.
http://en.kamakura-info.jp (English)

There are rather too much information on this website, but I advice you to spend at least one hour to research about Kamakura before 9am tomorrow (this is your meeting time).

Then you might think that you need to see the Great Buddha (Kamakura no Daibutsu).  - this is the most famous sight seeing spot in Kamakura. Click the following link to learn about it.

Friday, 1 May 2015


We will go to Ninja Restaurant on Wednesday, June 3. (Remember that you will have a term end examination in the morning!)  This one is very different from "Ninja Turtles."

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Roppongi Hills (六本木ヒルズ)

Do you like STAR WARS or NARUTO?
Please check to see what is happening at Roppongi Hills.

I personally think that Roppongi Hills is representing Tokyo today.
There are many things to see and do at Roppongi Hills even if you are not interested in any of these exhibitions.  You can easily spend a couple of hours without problems.  The customer service at Roppongi Hills is awesome.  You will hear the honorific, humble and extra-modest forms everywhere!!  

We can go there before going to Ninja Restaurant (Akasaka mistake station) on Wednesday, June 3.
BUT, I can not afford to buy tickets for these special exhibition (I think that it costs  ¥2000 per person).   ごめんなさいね。

Tokyo's Sumida Ward to purchase early 19th century Hokusai work | The Japan Times

Tokyo's Sumida Ward to purchase early 19th century Hokusai work | The Japan Times

Explore Tokyo #1 (on Friday, May 8)

Here is a tentative plan for our very first expedition in Tokyo!

8:30am Meet outside of the dormitory

(20 min. walk)
9:00am Mukogaokayuen station

(10 min. walk from Daimon station - Oedo Line)
10:00am Zojoji temple

(20 min walk from Zojoji)
11:30am Hinode-sanbashi (Cruise on the Sumida-river to Asakusa. )

You will see 13 bridges on the way to Asakusa!

If you are interested in the transportation network during the Edo period, please click below.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015